Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Time To Relax...

This is so beautiful and addictive. 

It's just a simple melody maker from Lullatone for you to make your own little tunes to relax to.  I think it's meant for kids, but who cares.  Click below to redirect.

If you've enjoyed playing there's an app for your iPhone!


ps The music maker is free but they do sell their own albums and currently all proceeds are going to the Red Cross for Japan to help with the current tsunami devestation in Japan.

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Calling All Ikea Snobs

I love Ikea. Yeah I know, it's cheap and cheerful and everybody recognises their products.  But, because their products are so cheap it allows you the courage to get a hammer and paint to them and turn them into something a little more personal.

Ikea Hackers does just this.  It's full of 'Ikea lovers' tips and ideas on converting their items into something new.

For example, ahem...

Dorothy Draper Chest How To

Rounded Bathroom Wall

Table Head Cabinet
The site is even easier to use now as they've added categories by product!

Take a look and get inspired.