Monday, 14 May 2012

Spotted... Banksy

Hi guys

I know, I know I've not been around much lately but had to do a quick post about this..

Look what I found while doing a bit of window shopping this afternoon!  A brand shiney new Banksy! 

Looks like he's "commenting" on the up coming Jubilee and child labour. Turns out it was only done earlier this morning!  I'm hardly ever in this part of North London these days and just happened to pop down there after my college exam this morning.

It didnt realise just how recent it was.  It wasnt until I Tweeted it I found out how brand spanking new addition it was.  Because it is so new its still not been confirmed if it is one of his.  Who knows.  I dont care, I'm pretty impressed that I've kind of witnessed something that's being talked about within the year (yay me hahaha)!

I'm ashamed to admit I've not seen a banksy up close before. I know! And I live and travel around London all the time (with my eyes closed obviously).

If you are in  North London and want to go and see it, its on the corner of  Wood Green High Road and Whymark Avenue N22.  Enjoy.