Friday, 11 February 2011

Mix & Match Dining Chairs

A friend was complaining to me about her need to get a new set of dinning chairs because after hosting a dinner party, to her embarrassment, it had only just occurred to her that her current set were mismatched. I've seen them, there are 2 or 3 different styles in the mix but hey, they all had a similar theme. I tried to convince her that it's OK now to have unmatched furniture as long as there's something in there to pull them together. She wasn't convinced. ping! an idea for a post was born...

Some of her chairs have upholstery but luckily they are all a country kitchen style pine chair,so adapting them should be quite simple.  I'm hoping to convince her of this with some fabric samples and some paint...  a 'Before and After' post may follow later...

apartment therapy

Divine Consign Oak Park

Divine Consign Oak Park

Decor Demon

I love the last three images in this post.  Having the same colour palette brings out the individuality of each of the chairs.

Have you got a similar scheme happening in your home?


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