Friday, 18 February 2011

Currently Cyber Snooping (the friendly kind)...

...Reggie Yates

I've been a fan of Reggie Yates from way back when he used to present saturday morning kids tv with Fearne Cotton and another guy - don't judge, I was probably old enough to know better but it was ideal hangover TV. Since then the two friends, Reggie and Fearne, have been paired together on and off through their careers (bit like a really cool Ant and Dec) but are both equally very succesfull in their own right.
But what I'm really surprised and impressed by is his photagraphy - who knew?? I came accross them while on the Graham & Brown website looking for wall art inspiration.

The best images are on his own site There are 6 categories of photography, ranging from music to reportage.

It was really hard to choose the pictures to show you because they're all so amazing but here are some that stood out for me.

You should also take a look at Reggie's site  It's a real mix of culture, design and music all rounded with regies's undoubted humour.


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