Wednesday, 9 February 2011

My Little Plot part one

Part of me fancies myself as super healthy cultured person, BUT unfortunately wine, smoking and cake puts pay to that! So to balance this I'm a bit of a glittery eco warrior trying to live off the land (8ft x 3ft raised bed and some pots to be precise) and be all natural.

Last weekend I started off some seeds in a mini propagator and promptly ignored them.

A few days later when I tripped over the tray... Look, growth!

So impressed.

I probably should tell you how I got this little bit of magic started, just incase anyone is foolish enough to take my advice??!!
  1. Get a copy of 'Grow Fruit and Veg by Carol Kleine or like me have a great friend who knows your ambition well enough to surprise you with a copy.  Fantastic book. Simple information and instructions for growing every possible vegetable.
  2. Mix together 50/50 compost and horticultural sand (not normal sand, I think it has chemicals in it).
  3. Press into seed trays or small pots.  I do two thirds compacted then sprinkle the last third and lightly compact.
  4. Add seeds (see individual packets for instructions) and add cover with more compost if instructed.
  5. Important - Label your seeds even if it's a tray of one sort you will forget, although it could be a nice free suprise for you come the summer.
  6. Water gently - the best way is to soak pots or tray in water for a about 1/2 hour or until compost is moist.
  7. Place somewhere warm until you see some shoots. If you've used a propagator remove the lid once the shoots appear other wise they sweat then rot - attractive thought!


  1. Growing plants/vegetables/flowers from scratch is sooooo much fun! Whatcha growin?

  2. Hi Karen, your my first???!

    Growing everything you can imagine to keep me topped up and free from scurvy and pretty flowers to look at. It's so rewarding once you get started isn't it. Hoping to keep a progress report on the blog.